Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fakir - Pre Production Sketches

These are the Pre-Production images of my 1 minute film 'Fakir'. As you will see the character of the fakir went through a lot of changes throughout the pre production process. I tried a lot of designs before finalizing on the one that you see in the film.
These were a few initial designs. The first step was to try and get the silhouette of the character right, which fits the story and the personality of the character as per the story.

This is the final design of the fakir. I finalized on this design because I wanted the guy to look a bit like an insect. He has lived in the garbage all his life and it has got in to his physical appearance. 

This was the first step in designing the set for my story. Just like I did for the character, I started of with small thumbnails. Once I was happy with a few of them, I started developing them with more details.

These were the initial designs for the set. I had to get rid of a few sets because the production time was'nt enough for me to have more than 1 set in my film.

 This was the sketch that was finalized for the film. I finalized on this one because it was exactly what I was looking for when I started designing the set for my film. The main aim was to have a compressed set that has a bit of personality to it and also something that would be possible to finish modelling very quickly as per the production time.
Again a few more designs which I did not use in my final film.
My story went through a major change after my original pitch during the holidays. Fakir was initially a story of a homeless guy based in ''Paris'' and the film was titled 'Bon Apettit'. He was playing a broken violin in the initial story.

Below are the story boards for Fakir. As you will see in the story boards a lot did not change in the final film. Having a story board really helped a lot throughout the production and especially while making the final animatic for the film. That's when you realize if your 'story' works or not. 

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