Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Color study - Inglourious basterds

This is a color study from the opening sequence of ' Inglourious Basterds'. I love this entire sequence, its one of my favorite. Each one took around 30 mins to finish.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Color Study

I have been working a lot with colors recently, this is just one of the quick studies I did of a pomegranate. This one took around 30 minutes to finish. I will be posting a lot more studies like this one, under this same post very soon. :)
The one above took about an hour to finish. I was tempted to get into the details midway and I could not resist. Nevertheless I still tried to finish it within an hour.
The one above is for my friend Aakash, who asked me to do a painting of grapes. Although, he used a very CG term for that, he said ''do something that has SSS (sub surface scatter)'' So I said ''grapes?''. This one took and hour as well.