Saturday, August 11, 2012

Amour Pre-Production work

These are some more work from my Internship in Green Forest Animation (China). I was responsible for designing 3 characters for their next independent short film 'Amour'. Amour is a film about an alien who wants to be able to dance like humans, but his body makes it impossible for him to do so. This film is about the accidents that happen when he comes to earth to fulfill his dream. I designed 3 human characters, which were later modeled in Maya. 2 of my colleagues modeled the 2 female characters, I was responsible for modeling the male character. Below, are some scans from the Pre-Production followed by the snapshots of my 3d model.
This is Cici, the superhot blonde who can seduce any guy on earth with her beauty.

This is Betty, she is a very innocent girl and a nerd. She likes studying about space and she has a strong belief in the existence of extra terrestrial life

This is Charming. As his name says, he is the owner of the cafe Amour, and he is very popular among the ladies. He is confident and believes that he can attract any girl to his cafe.

Below is the modelsheet for Charming. I modeled the basic shape in Maya first and then sculpted the details on Z brush.

The basic model in Maya.

This is the final model with the details on Zbrush.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Illustrations for the walls

These are a few selected Illustrations I did on my Internship at Green Forest Animation (China). Since the Studio was shifting to a new and bigger office, they asked me to do illustrations for their glass walls. I always wanted to have a chance to paint a huge wall, although it was not exactly painting, but it was a chance for me to exhibit my work in a big platform. and what better place than the walls of an animation studio itself. So it was a big job, and I tried my best. The pencil illustrations were later traced digitally by a few of my colleagues and I filled in the colors on the final inked drawings, which were later printed on transparent plastic sheets. Since the name of the company is 'Green forest animation', I tried to come up with a theme that goes with the name of the studio. Below are the pencil sketches followed by the pictures of the walls. Enjoy!

I tried making this illustration funny,although it has a very dark meaning hidden inside. So, you guys are free to take any meaning out of it ;) 

 Unfortunately , these mourning chickens dint make it to the walls of the studio. The boss dint want crying chickens on his studio walls. well, that's understandable
Out of these only the first elephant made it to the wall. A few changes had to be made as per the Art directors instructions.

 This monkey is not just pissed for no reason. Anyone who works on Autodesk Maya must have gone through a stage when they felt like doing that. This monkey's software just got crashed. ;)
This Panda is supposed to be a script writer. He has not got sleep since a few days and he needs to be high to come up with creative ideas.  

This illustration was made for the Editing room door. hopefully it makes sense.

This one was for the door of the Finance room.

You always come across software developers and salesmen when you are working in a studio. This snake is trying to sell his apple products. In this case, its actually an apple.

And Finally, below are the pictures of  the glass walls. 

These 2 people did an amazing job of pasting all the posters on the glass walls. It was a very clean and perfect job.

This is how it looks from the inside.